August 20, 2012

Robot 13 Vol 1 TPB


Issues 1 - 3 are now available in one volume, collected with a new art gallery by artists showing their love for our robotic hero. Beautifully adorned with a black virgin cover drawn by series artist Daniel Bradford and colored by Owen Mackinder this first volume is available in the Blacklist Store!

Also available in our store is the first issue reprinted with a new cover and 5 extra pages of monster action!

Both items are limited so get on them now!



December 14, 2010


Rock 'n Roll Monster Hunter makes the Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

KING! #2 Cover

BUTLER, NJ (December, 2010) – 'Twas the week during Christmas and in comic shops, hardly any new comics had even come out. The shelves were all lined with the prior week's fare while customers wished some fresh ink would appear. When what to their wondering eyes should appear but a side-burned cool rocker displaying no fear. The King had come back to kick more monster butt and fans were relieved of the same old dull rut!

This holiday season, give that special someone in your life the gift that keeps on giving… a whupping! Yes, "KING!" is back with issue #2 and he's ready to make burrito meat out of zombies and vampires everywhere.

"When I think of holiday heroes, I can't help but think of ex-pro wrestlers who look like Elvis keeping the world safe from bloodsucking freaks," says "KING!" artist/co-creator Daniel Bradford.

"'KING!' is the perfect character to spread holiday cheer," adds writer/co-creator Thomas Hall.

To that end, Blacklist Studios is wishing all their fans the happiest of holidays as they release the second action-packed issue of "KING!" during the usually slow week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

"Traditionally the larger distributors don't ship during the holidays," explains Hall, "so we decided to make something new and exciting available to comics fans so they don't have to leave their LCS empty-handed!"

"KING!" #2 picks up where the last issue left off. Having dispatched a horde of demonic zombies from his favorite Blubber Tubber Burger 'n Burrito joint, KING! now basks in the glory as he spins the tale in all is gory detail. But he hasn't seen the last of the zombies… and worse, he's been summoned to a nearby village that just happens to have one hell of a flying pest problem… the kind of pests that like to suck blood!

Like their breakout hit "R-13," the hero of the duo's new series is adept at dispatching monsters. But unlike Robot-13, "KING!" knows all too well who he is… and he's not afraid to have some fun as he bashes the baddies in this decidedly "comic" book.

"The ways that KING! kills monsters are only limited by our imaginations," says Bradford, "and if you haven't been paying attention, Tom and I have some pretty messed-up imaginations… but in a good way, of course!"

"Look, this guy looks like Elvis, battles monsters for bucks and is ready to read the riot act to anyone who gets in the way of his mouth and a burrito," confirms Hall. "Can it get any more 'comic'-al than this?"

Adding to the fun are pulse-pounding pin-ups from fan-favorites Jeff Slemons ("Hollow Earth," "Beyond: Rude Awakening") and AP. Furtado ("Heavy Metal," "Elf 'n Troll").

Fans don't have to stop with "KING!" comics, however – there's also a KING! t-shirt available on the Blacklist Studios website. No one will mess with you when staring at the pistol-packin', pompadour sportin' monster killer on your chest!

The print edition of KING! #2 can be pre-ordered directly from Blacklist Studios. The 32-page, full color comic retails for $3.99 US. Back issues of KING! and R-13 are also available on the Blacklist site. For wholesale purchases, distributors and retailers are encouraged to email Blacklist Studios' Thomas Hall at or contact Tony Shenton at for terms and information.

Pre-order your copy of KING! #2 now in our store!

August 3rd, 2010


King of Rock ‘n Roll becomes King of Sock ‘em All!

BUTLER, NJ (August 3, 2010) – Writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford of Blacklist Studios, creators of one of the most acclaimed independent comics of recent years return this August with the release of “KING!”

Like their breakout hit “R-13,” the hero of the duo’s new series is adept at dispatching monsters. But unlike Robot-13, “KING!” knows all too well who he is… and he’s not afraid to have some fun as he bashes the baddies in this decidedly “comic” book.

“Daniel and I really enjoy the intricacies and depths of the R-13 mythology, and love conveying the universal emotions that story engenders,” says Hall. “But we’re also fans of comedy and monsters and KING! gives us the chance to go over-the-top in ways that reflect the comic books and movies we grew up with.”

“I get to draw bad-asses, brains, big guns and burritos… what could be better?” adds Bradford.

KING! #1 tells the story of a former pro wrestler-turned-bounty hunter who bears more than a striking resemblance to a certain “King of Rock ‘n Roll.” All he wants is a whole day of nuthin’. All he gets is a hunka’ hunka’ talkin’ heart in the mail… and the tale the heart tells is nothing short of epic. Can KING! simultaneously save the local Blubber Tubber Burger joint from an undead infestation and satisfy his hunger for a peanut butter banana burrito with bacon?

Now fans of Blacklist Studios, Robot 13 and Elvis Presley can have their burritos and eat them too when the first issue of KING! #1 is released on August 16, 2010 – just in time for the 33rd anniversary of the real King’s passing!
For fans who want their wardrobe to be as cool as the comic they’re reading, there’s also a KING! t-shirt available on the Blacklist Studios website. No one will mess with you when staring at the pistol-packin’, pompadour sportin’ monster killer on your chest!

February 23, 2009

The 8th annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Ballot has been released, and Robot 13 has been nominated for Best Horror Comic Book!
The Rondo awards are a yearly program to allow fans of Horror to vote for their favorites in Horror film, books, comics, music and general fandom and can be voted on by YOU the fan! If you go to, you can get the ballot information as well as info about the Rondos and lists of past winners. You can vote for as many or as few of the categories as you like- so if there are those that you just don't know anything about, feel free to pass on those and vote for the categories you feel strongly about. All votes must be emailed to with your name (so they can adhere to the One Person=One Vote rule) by Midnight of April 3, 2010.
While we would LOVE for you to Vote for Robot 13 for Best Horror Comic Book, I want to also encourage you to check out the site and vote for as many of the categories as you feel knowledgeable about. It's an awesome, grass roots type of thing and a HUGE honor to be nominated for everyone involved.
Rock The Vote Today!
February 10, 2009


Pre-orders now being taken for the thrilling third issue of R-13!

BUTLER, NJ (February, 2010) –

2009 was another memorable year for the comic book industry. When it came time for journalists to reflect on the year gone by, several mentioned R-13 as being one of the standout comic books of 2009.

Among R-13’s many champions is MTV’s Rick Marshall, an editor of the station’s movie, pop culture and comic book news site, “The Splash Page.” Rick calls R-13 the “Best Under-the-Radar Comic Series” on the stands today.

This March, readers will get another chance to discover what all the excitement is about with the release of R-13 #3 (aka Robot 13). The thrilling issue from Blacklist Studios concludes the “Colossus” storyline and will be simultaneously released in the digital format for the Apple and Google mobile markets via special arrangements with Robot Comics and Panelfly.

The story of a skull-headed robot with an irresistible instinct to battle mythological creatures has captured the imaginations of comic book fans the world over. The reaction has been so widespread that the comic book’s co-creators, writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford have fielded publishing offers from other countries and will soon be announcing their first international trade paperback collection.

“It’s really taken on a life of its own,” said Hall. “We have been interviewed by reporters from websites in Germany and Australia, seen our book raved about by Spanish and Portuguese comic reviewers and magazines in Canada and the UK have done pieces on Robot 13.”

The comic has also become a favorite among some famous folks in the realm of fantasy.

“We have gotten feedback from world renowned authors, top Hollywood executives and established comic book artists alike and all of it has been pretty positive,” added Hall.

Now, R13 returns with its third thrilling issue, packed with even more action and intrigue! The print edition of R-13 #3 can be ordered directly from Blacklist Studios ( HYPERLINK "" The 32-page, full color comic retails for $3.99 US. Distributors and retailers are encouraged to contact Blacklist Studios for wholesale rates.

R-13 #3 can also be ordered in a digital edition from Robot Comics ( HYPERLINK "" and Panelfly ( HYPERLINK "" for Apple, Google and Amazon mobiles. The digital editions of R-13 #2 and R-13 #1 are also still available priced at $0.99 each.

Packed with action, intrigue and poignancy, the “Colossus!” storyline concludes with some amazing revelations about the skull-headed robot warrior. While convalescing under the care of an old man and his dog, R13 discovers more about his past than ever before…and not a moment too soon, as he may need to draw upon this newfound knowledge to battle the most fearsome monster yet! Now that he knows more about himself, R13 is one step closer to learning the identity of the one who keeps sending monsters to destroy him… clues that will lead him directly into his next awesome epic!

Writer Thomas Hall and artist Daniel Bradford continue the saga of their creation, and as an added bonus for their fans, this issue includes pulse-pounding pin-ups from fan-favorite artists including Tegaki blog artist Kim Low, animator-illustrator Jeffrey Cheung, action figure designer and trading card artist Bobby Vala, multimedia artist Kevin Olson and a thrilling new artist on the scene, Maur Cobb.

About Robot Comics
Robot Comics publishes mobile comics for hand-helds such as Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, Google's Android mobiles, Nintendo DSi and Amazon's Kindle. It is one of the first and few mobile comic publishers who offer titles specifically designed and formatted to be read on e-devices. For more information contact:

About Panelfly
Panelfly offers comic book readers an online mobile store, complete library functionality, and sequential panel navigation that allows users to sequentially read each page, delivering the most true to print reading experience to date - just as the creators intended. For more information contact:

February 8, 2009

First off, Robot 13: Colossus! #3 is now available for pre-order. Head to the Blacklist store to reserve your copy now!

Secondly, Robot 13 made the Best-Of-09 on Mtv's Splash Page! Check it out!
November 4, 2009

Blacklist Studios and Robot Comics are working together to make Robot 13 available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and Android mobiles in late 2009. Robot 13 #1 will be offered for free with subsequent issues priced at $0.99 each. For more information visit Robot Comics for the full press release and other titles available (here to go directly to the R13 article).

September 29, 2009

Robot 13 - Colossus #2 is now available to pre-order!

All pre-orders will ship out on October 16th.
Oct. 20 - Unfortunately issue 2 has been delayed due to it still being stuck in customs. As soon as the books get in our hands we will send it out to yours!
Nov. 6 - The books are here and orders are being filled!
Each issue of Robot 13 is a limited run so secure your copy now!

Robot 13 - Colossus #2
32 pgs. Full Color
$6.99 (S/H included)

7 pages left from Robot 13 #1
Bounce on over to the store to order Bradford's orginal pages - $100.00 each with free shipping! Pages measure at 14" x 17" with a live area of 9 1/2" x 14 1/2". Artwork is shipped in plastic between 2 sheets of cardboard inside a bubble envelope.
Get 'em now!

Appearance Dates:
Oct. 10: Thomas Hall at Mid-Summer's Day Comic Book Show
Oct. 16 - 18: Daniel Bradford and Thomas Hall at Big Apple Comic Con.
Nov. 7: Daniel Bradford at the Tucson Comic Con

June 9, 2009





Here is a rundown of things people have been saying about Robot 13:

MTV Splash Page says: "after the reading through the issue, it definitely has its own unique tone (again, in both in the art and story) and narrative pacing that make it feel like a very different — and very good — series. I was really impressed with it, and this is certainly one to keep an eye on."

Eat. Sleep Geek. Says: "Simply put, you need Robot 13 in your hands, and the guy you buy your comics from needs it in his (or her) store. Trust me, neither of you will regret the decision." Says: "The journey of discovery that Robot 13 embarks on at the end of the first issue is one I plan on following until the end, as when the robotic hero discovers who he truly is at the finale of his epic quest, perhaps we as the readers will uncover something in all of us, too."

Robert Hood says: "Edgy and dynamic, Bradford’s art compliments and drives the narrative, which is scripted with no-nonsense clarity by Thomas Hall."

Ain't It Cool says: "This looks to be an uber-fun series and the design of the hero and monsters are too cool to miss. Check out the Blacklist website for more info on how to get this damn fine book."

Comic Book Junkie says: "...these pages of the skull-headed robot protagonist fighting a giant octopus are simply delicious"

Platypus Robot says: "It's everything I love about comics: Robots, Monsters, and Big Fights!"

MondoComic dice: "Viendo el adelanto no podemos evitar sentir un aroma a Mignola que cubre todas estas páginas, pero el hecho de ver un esqueleto dentro de un traje de buzo ( ¿o será una carcaza de robot? ) luchando contra un pseudo-calamar gigante, ya dan ganas de leer esto..."

SuperPunch Says: "Replace Hellboy with an undead cyborg in a body that looks like a diving suit, and you get Robot-13, created by Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford. I just read the first tentacle monster-filled issue and give it a thumbs up. "

Scoop Says: "What keeps this from devolving into negative territory is the strong story. The title character has no idea what or who it is or where it came from. All it knows is that it has an instinctual and irresistible drive to protect mankind from mythological creatures of destruction, and this first issue gives him ample opportunity to do so. "

Calvin's Canadian Cave Of Coolness Says: "You got a robot with a skull encased in a bubble helmet fighting a giant octopus. HELLO! So where is my cartoon and action figure already?"

May 12, 2009


Comic book creators debut new series at MoCCA Festival

BUTLER, NJ (May, 2009) – It was the most unusual catch the fisherman had ever seen: a robotic creation with a skull for a head!

ROBOT-13 has no idea what or who it is, nor where it came from. All it knows is that it has an instinctual and irresistible drive to protect mankind from mythological creatures of destruction.

Two people who do know something about the creature are Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford, the creators of this new comic book series from Blacklist Studios set to debut at this year’s Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art (MoCCA) Festival.

As fantastical and imaginative as the premise of ROBOT-13 is, it all came together organically for Hall and Bradford.

“Daniel had this robot design he was working on, and I had been reading Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ at the time,” explains writer and co-creator Hall. “I thought there could be a connection. Frankenstein was really a product of its day. People wondered if science had any limits and whether it should have them,” he continues.

Hall decided it would be fun to play with a main conceit of the Frankenstein legend. “If something is created that can think and reason, what would that creation think about itself?”

The original Frankenstein novel was subtitled, “A Modern Prometheus,” as a nod to the titan of Greek mythology who stole fire to give to mortals. Mythology plays a role in ROBOT-13 as well.

“There’s a very Ray Harryhausen-feel to something mechanical with a skull for a head,” notes Hall, referring to the man who created the special effects behind such mythological fantasy films as “Jason and the Argonauts,” “Clash of the Titans” and the Sinbad movies. “Naturally, we decided our robot should fight giant monsters from mythology, just like the ones in the movies we grew up with!”
The monster mash-up of the Frankenstein creature and Greek mythology goes beyond mere battles between behemoths, however.

“In Greek mythology, there’s always the journey where the hero goes to find himself. Having our “creature” follow that hero’s path, looking for who he was, gives me as a writer some great stuff to use. And who doesn’t love a giant monster fight?” explains Hall.

Working together since 2003, Hall and Bradford front Blacklist Studios. Other projects include their first series together, a moody, supernatural tale of serial killers and the apocalypse called “Enlightenment,” and the raucous action-comedy “KING!,” about a certain side-burned, peanut butter-and-banana-sandwich-eating rocker turned monster killer.

Now, striking the balance between “Enlightenment” and “KING!” comes ROBOT-13 #1. The full-color comic book with 24 action-packed story pages retails for $3.00. Readers can choose between two covers: a photo-realistic painted cover by fan-favorite Jeff Slemons or an edgy, frenetic cover done in signature style by series co-creator Daniel Bradford. Don’t miss Robot-13’s pulse-pounding debut, as he is dredged from the depths to battle a terrifying Kraken in the epic adventure, “Colossus!”

May 12, 2009

Some links of note:

Blacklist Studios is on Myspace, as well as Robot 13 and KING!

Check out more of Daniel's art on his DeviantArt.

Thomas' blog can be read here.

Daniel and Thomas are both on Facebook.